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Genesis Momentum are the marketing agency for the people that need it most.

Challenger brands, companies with ambitious growth plans, brands that aren’t as successful as they should be and firms with big ambitions but smaller budgets.

What unites them is ambition. They have a real need for work that gets stand-out results. People choose to work with us because they want to work directly with experienced people who know how to switch your business on and achieve your goals.

Genesis Momentum

Switching Business On

Why do we do it? Ambitious companies want growth… now! However, they often struggle to pay for enough run-of-the-mill marketing to generate the sales they want. We are focused purely on impact marketing. This accelerates your growth and offers a much greater return on investment so you don’t have to get by with run-of-the-mill returns.

Assessment of Your Ideas

Our in-house team of marketing experts will assess your business, your offering and your target market to develop your impact based marketing.


Innovation is the key to impact marketing.  You must do something different to cut through the noise.  Your business, products and services must stand out from the pack and this can only be achieved using an innovative approach and messaging.

Timely Results

There is no such thing as an instant return with marketing.  It takes time for marketing to have an effect.  However impact marketing targets your ideal prospect like a guided missile and makes them respond quickly.


We work with world-class creatives. Beyond our internal team, we work with specialist creatives and designers.  They bring their expertise to develop yourimpact marketing and give you the edge over your competitors.


Impact marketing requires you to put all your marketing pieces tgoether.  You must have strong messaging.  You must have a powerful brand.  You must have a process to follow though.  We will put these together for you.


What We’re Really Good At


We excel at delivering a quick return on your investment helping you to achieve your business and personal goals.


You get the results you want quickly as we engineer your marketing for maximum impact.


We will develop and hone your messaging for your business, your products and your services.


We take an X-ray of your ideal client and use this information to maximise the impact of your marketing.


Your brand is vital. It communicates your mission and your values and cuts through the noise of your competition. We will ensure your brand has maximum impact.


Design is crucial. Great design impels attention and communicates to your target market. Our designers have worked with a range of High Street names.

Our Proven Process

6 Simple Steps to Impact Marketing
  • 1. Discussion

    The first step is a discussion to find out about your business, your products and services and your target market.

  • 2. Research

    We research your target market and your competition to determine how best to position your business and your products and services.

  • 3. Messaging

    We will then develop your message and brand.  We go through an iterative process with you to ensure it is fully aligned with you, your business and your goals.

  • 4. Strategy

    We now complete your marketing strategy including defining your on-line and off-line channels and the processes which will take your prospect from interest through to delighted client.

  • 5.Implementation

    We work with a range of experts to implement your custom-tailored strategy so you get the results you want quickly.

  • 6. Refinement

    It is important to keep refining your marketing to maximise its impact.  This is an on-going process which ensures you get the maximum return on your investment.


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