As the industrialisation of vehicle production accelerates, a small but affluent range of customers are looking for individualised and luxury products that meet their aspirations. Niche and luxury markets do not operate like mass markets and if you are interested in creating a legacy, we can help you.

  • We support new product development, pre-production cycle, niche vehicle platforms and aftermarket part manufacture.
  • We offer an end to end solution service from Strategy, Product Definition, Creative Design, and Engineering support right through to low volume production.
  • Our business planning and research will give you confidence and insight when entering new market niches.
  • We can develop market strategies for niche and luxury sectors that will lend your brand prestige
  • Our customers become market shapers through our expertise and support.
  • Our design and modelling capabilities have given our customers the confidence to build and introduce new brand ranges.
  • We provide design research and strategic studies of brands for all transport market segments, competitor profiling, vehicle and product architecture and ergonomic studies, sketch programs for interiors and exteriors, Alias, Catia, and Icem Surf digital development, clay models, styling, functional and ergonomic interior and exterior styling models, aerobucks, cooling models and assembly fixturing.

Contact us on for a full range of services offered that can help you create new and enter existing niche and luxury markets.