Industry 4.0

We are aware of the challenges of Industry 4.0 and servitisation: moving from a production led environment to one led by the behaviour of your customer’s customer is a challenging transition but affords better control of cashflow as the peaks and troughs of production are replaced by a series of steady service streams.

Robotics and Infallible supply chains

We are helping some of our customers design and implement low-cost 24-hour production facilities that are fully automated and supported by infallible supply chains. Technology enables us to track and assemble components and notify suppliers of requirements and specifications in real-time. Underpinning this technology is Blockchain and its trust components which will free up frictionless global sourcing and payment systems.

First mile/last mile

One of the main components of ‘Mobility as a Service’ is the management of the delivery of parcels and cargo for their first and last mile in the delivery process. Autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles can be used in densely populated urban centres which have zero emissions and power transmissions that fall below taxation thresholds.

Hail and ride

The rise and fall of many ‘asset-lite’ passenger services demonstrates the world-wide potential of hail and ride services: autonomous in the West and with a driver where labour costs are low. A new range of zero-emission vehicles supported by Blockchain payment systems will drive new behaviours for customers in this sector.

Battery technology

Our experts are working with universities on new sources of environmentally friendly battery power for all forms of transportation systems.

UI/UX Integration

How users of transport technologies interface with vehicle controls and the ambience created to personalise shared transport will shape all forms of passenger mobility systems as well as enabling GPS code global driverless shipping and the seamless integration of modalities.