About Genesis Momentum

We bring together design, engineering, technology and business acumen to provide solutions to our customers in all transportation markets.

Our vision is to equip our customers with the means to disrupt and dominate their sectors.

Why we do it: The transportation sector is going through significant change across the globe. We want to share our expertise with customers to shape markets and lead change.

Assessment of your Ideas

Our in-house experts can assess whether your business ideas have any commercial viability.


MaaS, Industry 4.0, Blockchain and servitisation will change the transportation sector forever. Our expertise in manufacturing, technology and finance will help accelerate your business growth


In manufacturing, timing has critical importance. We will deliver to you to ensure that your schedules are met


We work with world-class designers. They bring their expertise to benefit your projects and give you an edge over your competitors.


Technology brings new opportunities and we are keen to help you integrate modern methods of manufacture into your processes, systems, and planning.

Latest Industry News

Genesis Momentum encompasses a team of industry experts who are transforming the way the transportation sectors delivery excellence to their customers. If you want to know more, click on the button below.


What We’re Really Good At


We know how to use technology to help understand your customer’s customers.


We can help you through design iteration, digitalisation and modification until you know that what you want is right.


We engage with the best designers in the world to provide solutions that will put your vehicles in poll position.


We apply manufacturing expertise where they will bring the greatest benefits to functionality, build, timescales and programme costs.

Niche Markets

We support new product development, pre-production cycle, niche vehicle platforms and aftermarket part manufacture.


We can help you take on export markets, re-engineer your production plan and re-vitalise your workforce.

Our Proven Process

6 Short Steps Towards Cleaner, Greener, Mass Transportation
  • 1. Discussion

    It is best to get all assumptions on the table and validated.

  • 2. Planning

    Strategic, business and project plans dovetail to reduce risk and overspend.

  • 3. Design

    We provide research, technology, materials, accessibility and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance.

  • 4. Appraisal

    Our experts will analyse your proposals assuring the success of your projects.

  • 5. Funding

    We understand how to access the right funding for your projects.

  • 6. Launch

    We have experience of motor shows, TV and specialist inauguration.


Midlands, UK

+ 44 (0)7792 540 778

Paul Cadman


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